Conquest Of Spaces
“It's so much easier to see the world in black and white…. Gray? I don't know what to do with gray….” - Garrus Vakarian




Bruce took me to Stark Tower and we went for dinner. Then that night we held hands and as he touched my lips he said “You’re the only one for me” 


”Thor took me to a concert and we had a dinner. Then we walked along the ocean and as he put his jacket on me, you’re perfect.”


“Thor took me to the Times Square and we went for a drive. Then, that night we held hands and as he put his jacket on me, he said “You’re the only one for me.”


”Loki took me to the Helicarrier and we took a walk. Then, that night we sat by the fire and as he twirled my hair, he said “You’re the only one for me.” 

Fffffttttt, yesplz

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Saw a few of these, so I made an Avengers version! I wouldn’t suggest clicking Ctrl+Alt+Del because you’ll probably get the same one for each of them, so drag them individually and reblog with your results!

Best Friend: Natasha
Lover: Bruce
First Kiss: Thor
Enemy: Steve
Cockblocked by: Tony
Killed by: Steve 

Best Friend - Clint

Lover - Tony (f yeah~)

First kiss - Bruce

Enemy - Steve (probably because I’m dating Tony!)

Cockblocked by - Thor

Killed by - Clint (fuuuuuuuu I loved you!)

Best friend: Steve!!

Lover: Steve (awyeah)

First kiss: Thor (awyeAH)

Enemy: Tony (nooo :’c is it because i’m with steve?)

Cockblocked by: Steve (no steve what are you doing)

Killed by: Hawkeye (wehh)

Best Friend: Bruce
Lover: Loki
First Kiss: Loki
Enemy: Hawkeye
Cockblocked by: Thor
Killed by: Hawkeye

Fitting, Thor cockblocking when my lover is his Brother 

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This. Yes. 

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Which Avenger Are You? »









You are most like Captain America. You have a strong “good guy” ethic, and hate injustice of any kind. Understanding what it’s like to be pushed around helps you fight for the little guy. You are not one to give up too easily, and often get yourself into tricky situations just to prove your worth. Your high ideals and old fashioned manners set you apart from most of your peers.

Oh okay

I got the same

also same


You are most like Iron Man. You don’t crack easily under pressure, and rather enjoy the spotlight. You’d rather do your own thing than listen to others, and you’re always ready with a witty remark. You’ve been called vain and unpredictable. But when it comes down to it, you try to do the right thing… Because even though you may come across otherwise, you really do care.




Still Tony Stark.  Why am I not surprised? >.>

You are Thor god of THUNDAAHH

You are most like Thor. You are strong, good looking, and ambitious. Though slightly immature at times, especially when you don’t get what you want, you are loyal to the bone and will always stand for what’s right. You are a family-centered person. You tend to take some things for granted, which leaves you hurt and confused when they’re taken away. You have a high capacity for forgiveness.

You are most like Hawkeye. You are independent and “street-smart”. You prefer to stay out of the spotlight and look at the big picture of things. Though you tend to follow others and are very trusting, you are also not intimidated by those who might be stronger or smarter. You are precise and methodical, and once you have something in your sites, there isn’t a thing that will stop you from hitting your mark.

I can live with this… 

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